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Stapleton is the centre of a learning in western Regnum Periculi. It is a large town with two distinct groups of people. There are the academics and the tradespeople who maintain the town. The academics tend to look down on the commoners, and indeed anyone who hasn't proved themselves of equivalent intellectual calibre. This pretty much extends to anyone not educated in Stapleton.

The university in Stapleton has many large college buildings. In these buildings the foremost minds of Regnum Periculi study science, the three branches of magic, art, and many other disciplines. At least that is what they like to tell people. Almost any service based on learning can be found for the correct price, and each college has an extensive spell library.

Aside from the sprawling university colleges; Stapleton boasts many other beautiful buildings. These house theatres, concert halls and other artistic treasures. In the town there are many magical bizarres where exotic materials for spells can be bought.