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Why do I need to add an extension within Moodle?

When an assignment is in place, it is possible to add an extension for individual student. Without one, it will not be possible for a student to submit an assignment post-due/cut off date. An individual extension will override both the due date and cut-off date. Without an extension in place, it will not be possible.

Due date: the date after which an assignment is considered late

Cut-off date:the date after which assignments are permitted only if they have an extension

Both can be found within Assignment settings.


For students without an extension, they cannot use Add Submission after the cut-off date has passed.

For students with an extension, they still have the option to Add Submission after the cut-off date has passed. The Extension due date is included in the Submission status window.


To grant an extension:

When a student doesn't have an assignment extension and the due date has passed, they will not be able to view Add Submission. 

To provide them with the ability to upload a submission, an extension needs to be granted. To do this, access the View/Grade submission option and navigate to the individual student.

A series of options will then be provided. You will need to select Enable and ensure a tick is in the box before you can amend the dates.

Amend the dates to when you would like the extension to be handed in by and Save changes.

When returning to the Gradebook, it is now possible to see that an extension has been granted to that particular user. See example below.

When the student accesses the assignment, they will now be able to see an Add Submission option and are able to submit as they would normally.

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