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Welcome to the School of Management Finance Office page.

This contains information on our most frequently asked queries and contains links to guidance which is already contained in the University web pages, but might be tricky to find if its an area that you don't access often.

We have grouped the information into the following theme areas;

  1. Expenses - Frequently Asked Questions which includes some key queries.  Under this tree is links to areas with more detailed guidance on topics such as claiming mileage, advances, subscriptions 
  2. Expenses in Agresso - getting started which provides links to some web and video guides to using Agresso for the first time
  3. Travel and Conferences which provides links and gudiance through the main page and more detail on some related topics under the tree pages
  4. Purchasing Goods and Services - University guidance on tendering, setting up suppliers, raising requisitions and under the tree pages how to request Agresso access to raise requisitions, and some tips on requisitions

We will be adding to these pages while the site is in development, so if the topic area doesn't have full information yet, please bear with us and continue to email us your query.

These pages contain links to other University guidance pages.  If you find that any of the links are no longer working, can you let us know.  Please email us at Management Finance Office  and let us know which page the broken link is on, many thanks.



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