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How do I claim expenses?

All staff and postgraduate students claim expenses via Agresso and you can find in this wiki - Expenses in Agresso - getting started

What receipts do you need?

Please attach original receipts for each expense to the claim, this should be an invoice or receipt from the business, credit card slips are not acceptable. 

Can I submit these really old expenses?

Expenses should be submitted within six months of the expenditure, claims older than this will not be reimbursed.  Remember that you can start claims and save them into draft, so for example if you are travelling for research purposes, you could start the claim while  you are away from the University, adding details as you incur the expenses and then finalise the claim and submit with receipts on your return to Bath, or post to the SoM Finance Office if your trip is for a longer period.

What details do you need of my expense/trip?

We need details of the purpose of the expenditure, such as the reason for the meeting (with an agenda) and names of attendees both University of Bath employees/students and externals, the name, date and location, for conferences, you must include the conference title. You should add these details into Agresso, or if there are a large number of attendees, please attach to the claim.

Can I claim for alcohol?

No alcohol can be claimed if there are only University staff in attendance.  Moderate alcohol can be claimed if entertaining business clients.  You must include a list of who was present and the purpose of the meeting, including an agenda.

How do I book and claim travel costs?

All travel should be booked through our travel partner Clarity who operate a price match promise, details of which can be found on their page- Clarity.  The first time you try to log in, add your BUCS email address this is your standard BUCS username i.e, and select 'Forgotten Password'. This will allow you to create a password and access the site. You will need to double check your profile details this time, but from here you can arrange rail, flights, accommodation and other forms of travel as necessary.

Economy fare is reimbursed - this is standard class rail travel. economy class air travel.  All instances of non-economy travel (including premium economy air fares for example) must be approved prior to booking by the Dean of the School.

Details on mileage claims can be found in the page Expenses - claiming mileage

Can I claim back the cost of some equipment?

All equipment should be purchased via the University's approved suppliers with whom we have negotiated preferable contract pricing. Equipment including mobile devices must be approved in advance by the Dean.  Please send details of the equipment you propose to purchase with an explanation of how it will be used for business purposes to the Management Finance Office  If you purchase the equipment directly from an external supplier and claim back the expenses, these may not be reimbursed.  A reminder that all equipment purchased with University funds, including K accounts, is owned by the University and should be returned at the end of use or if you leave the University.

Can I split the cost of this meeting across two budgets?

Yes, as your expenses are submitted with an item per line, and a project code is nominated for each line, you can use different budget codes within the same claim

Can I claim the costs of a printer cartridge for my home printer?

No. All printing should be sent through the managed print service which can be accessed when off campus, sending the print job remotely and collecting from your BUCS login on campus.  Large print jobs should be ordered through the print unit and not done on the managed printers or home printers. 





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