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Step-by-step guide to getting started on Agresso expenses

  1. Log into Agresso from the University staff home page - you access it via the e-tools option on the left hand side of the screen and a menu will open with 'Agresso' as one of the options. If you are acessing from home, you will need to set up a VPN
  2. Your log in will be your University BUCS username and password in that you use to access all University information including this wiki 
  3. In this link below is guide which takes you through the screens for entering and expense including a video and narration
  4. The Universities guidelines on the types of expenses that can be claimed can be found in the link below
  5. You will need a budget 'Project Code' for each line of the expense which you will have been given by the budget holder.  If you are unsure contact the Finance Office (see below)
  6. Once you have completed your expense claim, please print the claim and attach to the claim your ORIGINAL RECEIPTS, which should be a receipt of invoice from the business.  Credit card slips are not acceptable.  
  7. Then submit the claim with the receipts to the School Finance Office in 8 West 3.12
  8. If you have started your claim and have a query, it can be saved into draft - as shown in the guidance link in point 3.  
  9. You can contact the Finance Office with queries on email 


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