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Booking travel across the UK and internationally

The University will pay for travelling expenses of members of staff for journeys made in the performance of their duties as employees of the University.  Normally this should be booked in advance through the University’s approved travel management company, Clarity  This link can also be found from the staff homepage via e-tools - Travel

You will need to sign into the booking site to make a booking. On your fist visit, you will need to add your BUCS email address i.e, and select 'recover password'; you can then create your own.  You need to give them your PersonId number (this is not your student/library number).  You can find your PersonId number by searching for yourself in person finder on the University Home page.  In your personal details you can find your personId under your email address.

Economy fares can be booked - this is standard class rail travel. economy class air travel.  All instances of non-economy travel (including premium economy air fares for example) must be approved prior to booking by the Dean of the School.  Clairty will request the project code that this travel will be charged to, this allows the Clarity invoice to be charged directly to the related budget.  If you are unsure of the budget to use, please contact the Finance Office.

You can collect train tickets booked through Clarity from the library on campus.  Once you have booked your ticket, you will receive an email with a collection reference and a security code.  Type these references into the collection machine and it will print your tickets.

Booking hotels in Bath

Hotels in Bath can be booked via Clarirty (this is the preference).  However, if you book a hotel in the universities approved supplier list, the hotel will invoice the university directly for the costs.  The list of hotels which are on the universities approved supplier list is found in the link below (though these rates are all with Clirtiy).

When you make a booking, please give the hotel the following information;

  1. Your name and guests name (if booking for a visitor for example)
  2. If you do not usually raise requisitions – give the hotel the project code that the costs are being charged to and ask them to use this reference on the invoice
  3. If you usually raise requisitions – raise a requisition and give the hotel the PO reference to use on the invoice

The hotel should raise an invoice quoting your name and the project code or PO number and send to the University payments office.  All hotels on the approved list have details of the University payments office.


When you travel on University business, staff and postgraduates are covered on the University policy.  Please see the link below

 If you have any queries on insurance, the details of the Insurance services manager are on the webpage

Claiming mileage

Please see the linked wiki on mileage, which is found under Expenses - Frequently Asked Questions

Travel advances

Please see the linked wiki on travel advances, which is found under Expenses - Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Fund

Please see the full details of the School Conference Fund Policy, as agreed by the Research Committee in the attachment to this page.

The Finance Office would draw your attention to these key items;

The annual allowance of £2500 can be spent across the period 1 August to 31st July, corresponding to the Universities financial year.

Conference attendance costs are charged to project BA-MN6MCS

Of this allowance £500 can be used to support other research activity and charged to project BA-MN6MRS

The annual allowance is pro-rated for starters and leavers who join/leave across this period

You can check your balance via the Research Office or the Finance Office

Updated February 2018

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