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School of Management web request form

This form is not for Research or Faculty web updates, please forward Research and Faculty requests to the Research Office (

The web team will continue to update Research Centres and Divisions.

If you want to give feedback on the form/system email or leave comments below.

Browser compatability

Internet Explorer users may find the form doesn't work properly. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.


When requesting updates:

  • Keep it simple

  • If it’s too big a task to write down in the form then arrange a meeting with us.

  • Be specific about what you want us to do. There are over 1,000 pages on the website. Always include a URL so we know which page(s) you are referring to.

  • Don't forward long threaded emails, we don't have time to read through/intepret them, and often the real task will be missed.

  • If it's really urgent phone us on ext Alex 4776 or Joey 3764 or Rayner 3396

Urgency of requests

A rough guide to which priority to select:

  • Extremely urgent - this is business critical and cannot wait e.g. there’s some information that’s wrong that could get us in legal trouble, there’s an event happening tomorrow.
  • Urgent - this should be done in the next two or three days e.g. an event that’s due to run the following week, a news article, an error that it is important to correct.
  • Important but not currently urgent - updates to information that need to be made, but isn’t going to cause issues if it takes up to a week e.g. additions to publication lists, a broken link on a page that’s not visited often, a new unit offered on a course.
  • Currently low priority - routine or cosmetic changes that don’t really affect the operation of the site or our users’ ability to complete tasks e.g. replacing a photo, uploading minutes from a committee meeting, stuff like that

Updating Faculty profiles

New faculty members need to fill out the Faculty Profile Template Doc and send it to Research Office 

An example of what a profile looks like can be seen here on the test server:

For anyone adding new profiles on Dreamweaver please read the main points below:

  1. Use the template named 01-new-academic-template.html.
  2. Remember to change the name at the very top of the document (code line 6) <title> About - Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms Firstname Lastname </title>.
  3. When you save, click save as and name the document firstname-lastname.
  4. Please refer to the AMJ style guide (link provided in template) for the format of publications.
  5. Any publications from 2008 or earlier need to be under 'older publications'.
  6. If you require a new photo for your profile, contact the University photographer

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