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Setting up a new faculty profile

New faculty members need to fill out the Faculty Profile Template Form.

An example of what a profile looks like can be seen here on the test server:

For anyone adding new profiles on Dreamweaver please read the main points below:

  1. Use the template named 01-new-academic-template.html.
  2. Remember to change the name at the very top of the document (code line 6) <title> About - Prof/Dr/Mr/Ms Firstname Lastname </title>.
  3. When you save, click save as and name the document firstname-lastname.
  4. Please refer to the AMJ style guide (link provided in template) for the format of publications.
  5. Any publications from 2008 or earlier need to be under 'older publications'.
  6. If you require a new photo for your profile, contact the University photographer

Updating faculty profiles

Please email the Research Office ( with the details of the changes you want made.

Further reading

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