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We have made the Lens Design System available to the wider university and beyond.

Our aim is to encourage a consistent design approach across all our web-based systems.

Looking for the Global Footer?

There is a separate page listing the implementations of the pre-Lens Global Footer here.

Options for using Lens

  1. Link directly to the live CSS at /lens/{version-number}/css/bath/site/site.css
  2. Copy site.css and add bespoke rules as required
  3. Create bespoke stylesheet(s) that 'mimics' Lens styling but is not actually linked to it
  4. Edit the Sass and then compile a bespoke version of Lens

Who's currently using Lens?

WhatPrimary contactHow are they using the Lens styles?Will it break if we update Lens?Is it live? teamLinks to the live LensNoYes
FunnelbackDigital teamLinks to the live LensNoYes
Alumni (NetCommunity)Rachel SkerryCompiled version of Lens cssNoYes CSS 'mimicking' LensNoYes
School of ManagementRayner Simpson--No
Wiley (Online MSc)

Bespoke CSS 'mimicking' Lens

Changes to the header and footer need to be communicated to Sophie Oldacres.
She will then pass that information on to Wiley.

Software delivery

They are using the Lens palette for certain software applications.

If the palette is significantly updated we should inform Peter of the changes.

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