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Inserting a table with a border

  1. Click on the Insert/Edit Table button
  2. Edit the table's properties; select percent from the drop-down on the right (75% is a good width); specify the number of rows and columns you require; don't bother setting the border sizer, as this is done separately; add a summary for accessibility. Click OK.
  3. You now have a table with a border, like this:

Inserting a table without a border

If you don't want a border, use the HTML gallery and select one of the table styles with no border.

Aligning text

  1. Highlight the cell or cells you wish to modify.
  2. Right-click on them.
  3. Select Cell Properties
  4. Select your preferred text alignment from Horizontal Alignment 
  5. Click OK

Changing column width

  1. Right-click on any cell in the column whose width you want to set
  2. Select Cell Properties
  3. Select percent from the drop-down box next to width, then enter your preferred percentage (e.g. 25)
  4. Click OK

Inserting and deleting columns and rows

Right-click on the row or column you wish to modify, and select the appropriate option.

Making a cell span more than one column or row (merging cells)

  1. Right-click on the cell you want to modify
  2. Select Cell Properties
  3. Enter the number of rows or columns to be spanned in Rows Span or Columns Span
  4. Click OK
  5. This will result in the wrong number of cells in the row (or column), like this:
  6. Now right-click on the extra unwanted cell, and select Delete Cells:
  7. Your table will now look like this:
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