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Copy for Santander Universities Masters Scholarships 

Santander Universities Masters Scholarships


Open to applicants from Latin America. You will be automatically considered for this award if eligible. <a href="">Read more about this scholarship</a>.

<strong>Available for full-time MBA students only.</strong>

Copy for the Bath MBA life video on featured story block

Note - since the Gutenberg update to Wordpress, this section has been a bit weird. An image still needs to be added, even if you're using a video embed - and you can't use the button fields for external content (e.g. a YouTube playlist).

Type: Media

Media URL:

Title: The Bath MBA Life


What's life like on the Bath MBA?
The course isn't just limited to the classroom. Discover where it could take you.
<a href="">View all of our MBA videos on YouTube</a>.

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This setup appears to work (as of May 2019):

Supporting documents from the how to apply page

<strong>Supporting documents:</strong>
<p style="text-align: left;"><a class="button small" href="">Example reference form (pdf)</a></p>
<p style="text-align: left;"><a class="button small" href="">Full-time MBA scholarship application form (pdf)</a></p>
<p style="text-align: left;"><a class="button small" href="">Executive MBA scholarship application form (pdf)</a></p>

Applying for scholarships

<h3>Applying for scholarships</h3>
If you want to be considered for a scholarship:
     <li>write a separate statement of up to 400 words</li>
     <li>explain why you feel you should receive a scholarship</li>
     <li><a href="">submit your scholarship form as part of your application</a></li>

<a href="">Read more about scholarships and funding your MBA</a>.

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