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We create risks and it is a legal requirement that we put control measures in place to reduce these risks, as far as is reasonably practicable.

For advice on who should complete risk assessments, when they are required, and how to complete them, see the University guidance.

You may also find the HSE's (Health and Safety Executive) advice on work-related stress and how to complete a risk assessment helpful. 

There is a blank template that you can use to create a risk assessment but the School also has it's own generic risk assessments that you can download and amend:

There is also a Risk Assessment Tick List for Expectant or Nursing Mothers (which should be completed between the expectant mother and their line manager).

The University Health, Safety and Environment team (UHSE) also have a Risk Assessment Library with a selection of generic risk assessment templates for you to use.

Completed risk assessments should be kept in a secure folder on the X drive. (We are looking to centralise the storage of risk assessments shortly.)

REMEMBER that if further actions or controls are required as a result of the risk assessment, you will need to clearly state on the risk assessment itself who is to carry out the action/control, the target date and review date.

Steps must be taken to ensure that actions/controls are followed up.

UHSE also provide some Risk Assessment Training if you're not sure how to complete an assessment or need a refresher. 

For further advice on how/when to complete a risk assessment, you can either contact UHSE direct or email your Health & Safety Coordinator.

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