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The Centre for Space, Atmospheric & Oceanic Science (CSAOS) is concerned with research in remote-sensing techniques and in the exploitation of such techniques for scientific studies. The Centre conducts research into the natural environment of the Earth, its atmosphere, ionosphere and oceans.

Scientific studies focus on understanding the coupling processes linking together different layers of the atmosphere and exploring how such processes respond to climate change and solar variability.

Related studies investigate the effects of the natural environment on the propagation of both electromagnetic and acoustic waves. In particular, studies address satellite navigation systems, radio communication systems and seabed and marine acoustics. Other work involves the development of detectors for remote-sensing applications.

The Centre encourages inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary research and has a proven track record of securing significant research funding from various research councils (STFC, NERC and EPSRC), from the MoD, DSTL, EU and industry.

History and Membership of the CSAOS

The CSAOS was founded in 2005. It combines the expertise of staff from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and the Department of Physics. The Centre forms a framework for the research efforts of some 10 academic staff (including one EPSRC Advanced Research Fellow) and some 25 PDRAs and postgraduate students.

The research interests of the individual staff are linked below. The current Director of the Centre is Prof. Nicholas Mitchell and the Deputy Director is Dr. Philippe Blondel.

The centre's homepage can be found at:

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