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  1. Right-click on the folder to which you wish to assign the included right-hand column
  2. Select Properties > Advanced properties
  3. In bath.rightcol-include, type the name of the file to be included, e.g. /oenology/site-components/includes/
  4. Click OK.
Example right-hand menu
<div align="center">
	<img width="199" height="120" align="top" 
alt="research in our Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology" 
        <h4 class="lineres">Research news <br/>
        <a href=""/></h4>

        <p class="r-nav"> </p>
             <h4 align="left" class="line">Contacts:</h4>
             <ul class="nobullet">
             	<li>For all RAE equiries contact: <br />
			<br />Diana Newport-Peace<br/>
			tel: +44 (0) 1225 386431<br/>
            		email: <a href="">D.S.Newport- <></a>

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