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Don't upload Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents

  • If you are creating a form for people to fill in, contact web-support to ask for a web form.
  • If you are sharing a presentation, create a PDF version or upload it to
  • If you are sharing a spreadsheet, use Google Docs or the LMF


If you are uploading multiple files, zip them first for ease of uploading.
How to zip files in Windows XP

  1. Click on the upload button on the OpenCms workspace toolbar.

  2. Browse for the file to be uploaded.
  3. If it is a zip file (which you can use to contain multiple files), check the box next to "Unzip file". Otherwise, click Continue >>
  4. In the select file type window, leave it as the suggested file type, and click Continue >>
  5. In the Properties window, give it a meaningful title (this will be used as the page title or image tooltip text). 
  6. Click Finish
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