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The e-Learning Team

The role of the e-Learning team is:

  • Helping staff to integrate e-Learning into their programmes
  • Sharing innovation and good practice
  • Developing an e-learning community
  • Promoting and evaluating e-Learning
  • Developing e-Learning tools

The e-Learning Team consists of staff members ranging from educational software developers to learning technologists. The team is located in a central hub in Wessex House, while there are also people based in some departments. For the current list of team members, including individual contact details, take a look the LTEO Staff List:

Tools and technologies we support (our projects and pilots)

Moodle, and its wide range of functionality (frequently asked questions) (support area) (Moodle staff area)

Classroom Technologies (including ARS - clickers, Panopto lecture capture, SMS - texts, Visualisers, Papershow)

Authoring tools - creating online learning objects with Xerte/eXe

Desktop video conferencing

Mahara e-portfolios

QR codes

e-Learning Team staff development courses

You've just attended one - and there are plenty more, on the tools mentioned above and on other topics.

For other training or staff development needs, please e-mail us at

Other resources we've produced

Case studies

How-to guides

e-Learning Podcast

Other tools and technologies out there (not supported by us)

There are so many established and new tools and technologies you can use in learning and teaching. It can be bewildering. A good starting point is Jane Hart's learning tools directory at:

and 100 of the most recommended tools are highlighted at:

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