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The Board of Studies is responsible to Senate for all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching and research in the Faculty, including all examination matters.

Secretary to the Board : If you would like further information about the Board of Studies for the Faculty of Science, please contact Elizabeth Bird (ext 3433, email  

Membership 2011/12

Professor G Breakwell



Professor D Bird

Chair, Dean


Heads of Departments in the Faculty:

Professor J C Knight



Professor J J Faraway

Mathematical Sciences


Dr R Hooley

Biology and Biochemistry


Professor P R Raithby



Professor R M Tyrrell

Pharmacy and Pharmacology


Professor P J Willis

Computer Science


 Nine members elected by and from the Academic Assembly members of the Faculty (to include at least one from each Department in the Faculty):

Dr I S Blagbrough

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Professor G R Burton

Mathematical Sciences

Dr A Taylor

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Dr S J Roser


Dr A C Jeffries

Biology & Biochemistry

Dr G Mathlin


Dr A J Power

Computer Science

Professor I H Williams                         


Dr D Wolverson


Co-opted Member:

Dr H Johnson

Computer Science

 Ex-officio members:

Professor M G Davidson

Associate Dean (Research)

Professor G J Price

Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)

Professor S Wonnacott

Graduate Studies

Student Members:

David Cameron

Students' Union Sabbatical Officer







 Representatives from other Faculties/Schools:

Dr W M Megill

Faculty of Engineering & Design

Professor S Skerington

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mr I P Crawford

School of Management

Terms of Reference

Approved by Privy Council 1966

How Boards of Studies fit in to the Council/Senate Governance Structure

The functions of Boards of Studies are prescribed by Section 20.1 of the Statutes. In this context "School" refers to the Faculty.
20.1 There shall be a Board of Studies of each School which shall have the following functions:

  1. To advise and report to the Senate on all matters relating to the organisation of education, teaching, learning and research in the subjects of the School, including curricula and examinations.
  2. To consider the progress of Students in the School.
  3. To appoint internal and external examiners in the subjects of the School.
  4. To recommend to the Senate any appointment of an external examiner where the aggregate term of office exceeds four consecutive years. 
  5. To consider and where necessary take action on any matters which may be referred to it by the Senate.
  6. To advise and recommend to the Senate on the academic strategy of the School.
  7. To carry out any functions which may be given to or imposed on it by the Ordinances.

Key Functions

In order to discharge their statutory obligations, Board of Studies will be responsible to Senate for the following key functions:

(1) the development, implementation and evaluation of the Faculty's strategic plan and the approval of Departmental Strategic Plans;

(2) the approval and evaluation of strategies for Learning & Teaching, Research, and Widening Participation;

(3) the academic standards and quality of the education, teaching and research across the Faculty, including the submission of an annual report on QA issues to Senate (via the Quality Assurance Committee) and the dissemination of good practice;

(4) the audit of departmental implementation of institutional quality assurance and academic frameworks, including systematic monitoring of performance indicators and receipt of degree scheme review reports from the Faculty Teaching and Quality Committee;

(5) the strategic consideration of all new programme proposals, including the rigour of the underpinning market research, the student choice available and the strategic fit of the proposal;

(6) the appointment of External Examiners and Visiting Academic Staff under delegated powers from Senate;

(7) the award of degrees on the recommendation of Boards of Examiners for Programmes, under delegated powers from Senate;

(8) the monitoring of the progress of individual students via reports from the Boards of Examiners for Programmes, under delegated powers from Senate;

(9) the appointment of Directors of Studies and Heads of Group and the establishment of Groups under powers conferred by Ordinances;

(10) the approval of minor and intermediate changes to existing programmes of study;

(11) the establishment of new academic prizes, under delegated powers from Senate;

(12) the approval of secondary academic appointments, Associate Lecturers and Honorary appointments;

(13) the conduct and outcomes of academic reviews;

(14) the receipt and consideration of reports from the Departments in the Faculty.

In addition the Board of Studies will be responsible for Research Strategy.

(1) the development, promotion and enhancement of the Faculty's Research Strategy;

(2) the identification of emerging disciplines and niche research markets and monitoring of the Faculty's research capability;

(3) the promotion of inter-departmental, multi-disciplinary research and the co-ordination of bids for external funding (as appropriate);

(4) the systematic analysis of research-related performance indicators, including publications, research income, and completion rates for research degrees;

(5) the development of common promotional and marketing materials, as appropriate, for research, CPD and consultancy;

(6) the co-ordination and overview of the Faculty's RAE submission (or any subsequent national methodology for selective research funding);

(7) the establishment of new research centres;

(8) the consideration of any issues referred to the Committee by the Senate, University Research Committee, or other authoritative University Committee.

Each Board of Studies will establish the following sub-committees:

Teaching & Quality

Research Students

Academic Review

Boards of Examiners for Programmes

Boards of Examiners for Postgraduate Research Students

Dates and Minutes of Meetings 


21 Sept 2010 (Supplementary)

9 July 2010 (Progression)

29 June 2010 (Final Year)

19 May 2010

21 April 2010

3 March 2010

20 Jan 2010

25 Nov 2009

7 Oct 2009


21 Sept 2009 (Supplementary)

3 July 2009 (Progression)

17 June 2009 (Final Year)

20 May 2009

22 April 2009

4 March 2009

21 Jan 2009

26 Nov 2008

8 Oct 2008

Please note that the summaries and minutes of meetings of the Board of Studies for the Faculty of Science published above exclude information which the University has declared will not be routinely published under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.  Further information about the Act (including the reasons why such information is exempt from publication) is available at  If you have any queries about business conducted by the Committee and cannot find reference to it in the summaries/minutes published here, please contact Elizabeth Bird, Faculty Executive Assistant, (ext 3433, email )

Procedural Rules

Standing Orders: Board of Studies Standing Orders -
Appointment of Chair: The Dean of Faculty (Section 8.4 of the Statutes).
Appointment Of Vice-Chair: See Standing Order 4(a).
Membership: See Ordinance 10.
Co-options: Up to five, see Ordinance 10.
Alternates: See Standing Order 1(b).  For ex-officio members only - allowed at the discretion of the person nominating.
Quorum: See Section 28.1(iv) of the Statutes and Standing Order 4(b-d).
Rules for voting: See Standing Orders 9 and 10.
Minutes: Submitted to Senate.

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