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You may want to turn off the Gradebook and hide the Assignment Activity during the marking process so that students cannot see grades and feedback until you are ready for them to do so.  Details can be found at Visibility of Assignment Grades and Feedback

Accessing submitted work

You can access the submissions through one of two routes:

  • At the assignment submission point in the topic or week where the assignment activity was added:
    • Click on the assignment name.
    • Click on the View/grade all submissions - this shows the submissions associated with the assignment.

Managing submitted assignments

  • If you teach only one group, and don't want to search through the whole cohort for work that you need to mark, clicking on the Separate groups drop-down list will let you choose to view only one group of students
    (for this option to be available, unit participants will need to have been organised into groups and 'separate groups' enabled in the Assignment Activity settings).
  • Clicking on the column headings will reorder information, so you can sort the information by student firstname, lastname, grade, time of submission.
  • In the Optional Settings at the bottom, you can filter to show all work that Requires grading or has been Submitted.
  • Click on file names to open.  If you want to save a single file, right-click on the file name and select 'Save link as' or 'Save target as' (depending on your web browser) and browse for a location to save.
  • If you have a large number of files to download you can use the Download all submissions from the Grading action drop down menu (located on the top left of the screen).


Locking submitted assignments

  • Please note that students can continue to make changes to their assignment and at no point do they submit. If the work will be graded at some point it is recommended that either Prevent late submissions is set to Yes (in the Assignment settings) to ensure that no changes can be made after the due date.
  • Alternatively, all submissions can be locked when grading commences to ensure that the work is not altered during grading. This can be done, either on a case by case basis as shown below,

or by selecting specific assignments, and from the With selected... dropdown, selected Lock submissions and then press the Go button.



Marking submitted assignments

Grades, feedback and annotated response files (by themselves or in combination) can be recorded by the Moodle teacher and made available to students.  There are several approaches to marking assignments in Moodle: 

  • The Grading Screen will enable you to grade and provide feedback - both in the form of comments and a response file (usually a Teacher annotated version of the student's submission)
  • From the submissions page, click on Grade icon () for the relevant student submission
  • Add grades through the drop-down menu and comments in the text box. If required, customised grade scales can be created to reflect the mark scheme for the assignment.
  • Upload a feedback sheet or annotated work as a Response file. 
  • Save and show next takes you to the next unmarked assignment.
    Using this approach you save your feedback 'as you go' - guarding against data loss as you do so.

For those staff marking large numbers of student submissions, it is also possible to upload multiple response files or feedback at the same time (rather than on an individual student basis).

  • Quick Grading lets you grade and comment on all submissions for that Assignment Activity in one marking session without having to save a grade for each student and move to a new screen.
  • From the submissions page, scroll down the page and check the box to Allow quick grading in the Optional settings.
  • Save preferences to move to the Quick Grading screen. You can do the same on the grading screen, however this page also gives you the facility to upload a response file (e.g. an annotated version of the students submission)
    If using Quick Grading, remember to save your changes regularly by pressing the 'Save all quick grading changes' button.


Remember:  If you turned off the Gradebook during the marking process, do remember to switch it back on (and unhide the Assignment activity) in order to make grades and feedback available to students.  Students will not now be emailed automatically to alert them to feedback at this point. However, adding a post about the return of grades in the News Forum will email this message to all participants.

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