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Moodle assumes that you will probably be working with percentages and so offers a choice of grades from 0 to 100. If this does not reflect your mark scheme, it is possible to create a customised grade scale eg 'A to E' or 'Poor to Outstanding'. 

Bear in mind that, if you chose to use customised grade scales, this will impact on your ability to run reports on the data in Moodle.

To create a custom grade scale:

  • Go to the course where the grade scale is required.
  • In the Administration block click on Grades
  • In the dropdown list at the top of the page select: Scales - View
  • Click on Add new scale
  • Give the scale a Name. Choose an easily identifiable name, especially if you plan to share the scale with other users.
  • If you want to use the scale in other Moodle units you can make it a Standard scale so that it is available to all Moodle users.
  • Add the Scale - each element separated by a comma.
    Although staff and students will see the values assigned by a grading scale in the Grader report, these values will function numerically in any grade book calculations. Since the first value in a custom scale is given the value of 1, and subsequent values are assigned the next whole number (e.g. "Not Satisfactory" = 1, "Satisfactory" = 2, "Outstanding" = 3), your grade scale should run from the lower end of the scale to the upper end.
  • Save changes

To add the custom scale to your assignment:

  • Go to the assignment
  • Click on Edit settings in the Settings block
  • In the Grade drop down list, choose your scale
  • Save and return to course or Save and display
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