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Every Moodle course is different; however the following list provides a brief summary of some of the icons and functions that may appear within a given Moodle course.


Editing and Navigation

Turn Editing On

Turn Editing Off

Move (topic, activity, resource or block)

Underneath the Edit menu for an activity or resource there are further options.

1.Update/edit (activity or resource)

2. Indent activity or resource to the left or the right

3. Hide/show (topic, activity or resource)

4. Duplicate activity or resource

5. Assign a role to the activity

6. Delete the activity or resource

Underneath the topic Edit menu, there are further options.

1.Edit topic (e.g. edit the header)

2. Highlight topic

3. Hide topic (changes to Show topic when topic is hidden)

4. Delete topic


Elsewhere on the page, you will also encounter these icons:

 Help (contextual)

Dock block


Prior to exploring the Activities and Resources below, you may wish to consider how to use the Activity Chooser.


Assignment - Used to submit files for marking.  Integrated with the Urkund originality checking service.

Book - Makes it easy to create multi-page resources with a book-like format.

 Chat - A synchronous chat tool useful for small group work.

 Choice - Similar to a poll.  Often used to enable students to select seminar groups etc.

 Database - Enables data to be input (by either Teachers or Students) and stored in a searchable format.

 Forum - An asynchronous discussion tool. 


 Glossary - List of definitions – can be populated by either Teacher or Students. 

 Lesson - Produces structured yet flexible learning paths.

 Quiz - Online quiz tool that can automatically provide marks and feedback to the student.

 SCORM package - Enables SCORM packages to be uploaded to a Moodle course.

 Wiki - A series of web pages that can be edited by anyone.  Useful for group projects.

 Workshop - Facilitates peer and self assessment.

Please note that where the logo is displayed, you will be taken to the Moodle Docs website for further information.



Word file

Excel file

PowerPoint file

PDF file


(Further details on Uploading Files can be found elsewhere)

 Working with Folders

 IMS content page


 Linking to external websites

When uploading a .zip file, you will be presented with 3 options: