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In order for your Moodle course to show the Re:View content that has been recorded, you will need to enable the Re:View (Panopto) block on your course page. The following steps will outline how to do this.

Step 1: Adding the Re:View (Panopto) block

  • Go to the Moodle course that you wish to add the block to, locate the Administration block and press the Turn editing on link.
  • From the Blocks block, click on the Add... drop down menu, and select Re:View (Panopto) from the list (as below).


Step 2: Provisioning your Moodle course (i.e synchronising the user list)

Following a recent upgrade to the Re:View (Panopto) block, provisioning of Moodle courses should happen automatically. However, if students are cannot see recordings, you may wish to manually provision the Re:View (Panopto) block (see below).

That is, when Teachers are enrolled on your Moodle course, they will be enrolled as a Creator in Re:View immediately. When Students are enrolled, they will be granted the same privilege in Moodle.

In turn, when Teachers and/or Students are un-enrolled from your Moodle course, their permissions to view Re:View recordings will be revoked immediately too.


Additional Information

Should you wish to edit any Re:View (Panopto) block settings yourself:

  • Locate and press the cog icon in the Re:View (Panopto) block (as below) and then click on Configure Re:View (Panopto) block.

Reprovisioning / re-syncing the access list

If for some reason you do need to reprovision the list (i.e. you or a student cannot access the course in the Panopto client) then click on the option "Add this course to Re:View (Panopto) (re-add to sync user lists)"


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