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Lecture Capture refers to a set of technologies that allow recordings of presentations to be performed with minimal effort from the users' perspective and relay those recordings automatically to a given audience.

Previously recording lectures would involve filming the screen and presenter with a camcorder, and then manually transferring the recording onto a delivery format. With the explosion of personal computing technology, users are increasingly demanding that videos and audio materials are available on PC's and portable devices such as iPods.

Transferring camcorder recordings to these devices is very time consuming, involves specialised equipment and skills and usually the resulting videos are poor in quality as PowerPoint slides become difficult to read.

In addition, lecturers are increasingly using PC based technology to present their lectures, using Powerpoint, the web, visualisers, etc., and there needs to be a better way to record this kind of content in a convienient way.

Lecture capture technology changes all this: the technology behind it allows the simultanous recording of audio, video, powerpoint and screencapture, and distribute that content automatically to the web, to iPods, mobile phones and other modern playback devices.

As recordings are made available via the web, these can be made to be and viewed available anywhere in the world at any time on a range of devices.

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