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Moodle now allows for multiple way in which to upload files. 

Option #1: Simple upload

Files can be uploaded to your Moodle course page by 'drag and drop'

  • Turn editing on in your Moodle course
  • Locate the file in your file browser and drag it to your course page (as below).

  • Once your file has been dropped into place, an upload progress bar will appear whilst the file is uploaded.
  • Finally, and if required, you can rename your file upload by clicking on the Edit title icon.

Option #2: Advanced upload

  • Select File from the menu that appears and click on the Add button.

The page that opens contains a number of settings. For the purposes of these instructions, the common settings will be covered.

  • Enter a Name for the file. This is the text that will be displayed to students within the course area.
Uploading files by 'drag and drop'

As shown below, you can upload dragging your file into the box below. You may need to resize your browser window to do this.


Whilst drag and drop functionality works in most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox, it does not work in Internet Explorer before version 10.  Those using an earlier version of Internet Explorer will need to upload files by browsing for them instead (see below for details)

Uploading files by browsing

You can also upload files as you will have done in previous Moodle versions and other web applications. 

  • Press the Add… button (located in the Content section)

This will open the File picker.

  • With the Upload a file option selected (as is the default), attach the relevant file by pressing the Browse… button
  • If you want to rename the file, you can enter your preferred title in the Save as box
  • Specify Author and Choose license

For more information about the range of license types, please see Licences for uploaded files.

  • Press the Upload this file button

  • Scroll down the page and press the Save and return to course button.


Deleting Files

If a file has been uploaded in error, or perhaps if a new version of the file has been created, it may be necessary to delete the original.

  • From the relevant course, Turn editing on
  • In the Course area, identify the resource that needs to be updated
  • From the edit menu, select the the Edit settings option

  • The upload file page appears. In the Content section, locate and click on the file that you wish to remove.
  • The file properies will appear (as below). Select Delete. You will be prompted to select OK or Cancel. Select OK.

Once the file has been deleted, it may be replaced by pressing the Add… button and following the steps as described in the section above.

Sometimes it may be preferable to delete an entire resource (including its settings / descriptive text etc.). Where this is the case, simply Turn editing on within the course and press the relevant Delete icon.

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