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Creating Folders

The more files that are uploaded to a Moodle course, the further a user may need to scroll vertically. In some instances it may be preferable to present related materials in a folder in order to reduce clutter on the page and to make it easier to navigate.

The process for creating a folder is similar to that for uploading a file.

  • From the relevant course, Turn editing on.
  • Click on Add an activity or resource in the relevant topic
  • Select Folder from the Resources section in Activity Chooser.
  • Enter a Name. This is the name that will be displayed to students within the course area

Details on how to upload files to Moodle courses can be found on the Files page. You will need to follow the instructions listed for Option #2: Advanced upload.

  • Files can be displayed either On a separate page or Inline on a course page, so be sure to make the appropriate selection.
  • Scroll down the page and press the Save and return to course button
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