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Assignments submitted to Moodle can, in turn, be submitted to Turnitin.

It is important to note however, that this functionality must be enabled at the time of setting up the relevant Assignment activity.

Once an assignment has been uploaded to Turnitin, the application will produce two things:

  • Similarity score - This number shows how much of a student's assignment matches content from Turnitin's databases.
  • Originality report - Alongside a copy of the students original work, this report gives further detail on the specific sources of matching text.

Further details on the OriginalityCheck capability of Turnitin can be found on the Turnitin website.

It is possible to allow or restrict student access to both Similarity scores and Originality reports.

As has been stated elsewhere [1], "Turnitin does not in itself identify plagiarism, this remains an academic judgement. However the score and reports can provide valuable evidence in making this judgement as well as a useful resource to support students in developing their own knowledge about plagiarism and referencing and their wider academic writing skills."

[1] UCL Information Services Division. Deterring and detecting plagiarism with Turnitin. University College London. Available from: [Accessed 20 June 2011]

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