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When Teachers use the rubric to assess student submissions, they select the level describing the student's performance best for each criterion in their rubric.

  • Click onto the assignment activity
  • Click View/grade all submissions
  • Click the Grade icon for the student that you wish to grade
  • To select a level for a criteria within the rubric, simply click on it.

Currently selected levels are highlighted in light green, however if the choice of level is altered after it has been saved, the original choice is temporarily highlighted in light red (as in the screen shot below).  In highlighting changes in this way, it is hoped to minimise any issues with levels being altered in error.

A level must be selected for each criterion, otherwise the rubric is not validated by the server as the final grade can't be calculated.

If the rubric settings allows it, an optional remark can be filled for each criterion providing a detailed feedback/explanation of the assessment.

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