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Important Information

The following guidance is intended for staff at the University of Bath who wish to utilise the anonymous marking functionality in Moodle, along with making use of Urkund to generate similarity scores and originality reports for submitted work. It assumes some prior familiarity with the Assignment activity and Gradebook.

An online resource outlining the basic features of Online Submission and Feedback in Moodle is also available and whilst this has not been produced with anonymous marking in mind, those staff who are new to online assessment in Moodle may find it helpful to review this material before embarking on use of the Assignment activity. Should you wish for additional support on the use of Moodle to support your assessment processes, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Team.

Please Note

The steps below refer to marking with Simple Direct Grading (that is, leaving a percentage score), and as such, does not take into account marking with rubrics or utilising marking workflow functionality. Should such functionality be enabled, the actions completed within the steps would be broadly similar. For any specific questions, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning Team.

Anonymous marking

Anonymous marking, must be enabled when the relevant Assignment activity is created and prior to it being saved for the first time. This setting cannot be applied after a student submission has been made.

The process of creating the assignment activity and completing marking processes has been separated into the following sequential steps:

This process is mapped out in a one page work-flow diagram which can be printed out and used as a quick reference guide.

A short screencast, which demonstrates these steps is also available.  The same screencast is also available for download in an alternative format.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Faculty / School Specific resources

Please note:  The following additional resources have been produced by faculty/school staff and as such the support materials listed below may not be suited to all departments:

Humanities & Social Sciences

  1. Before submissions take place
    This screencast provides a general familiarisation with what an anonymous submission point looks like before students start to submit their work.

  2. Collecting Submissions
    This screencast demonstrates - How to sort, filter and select submissions - How lock submissions to prevent further submissions after you have downloaded your marking - How to download all submissions in one go.

  3. Downloading submissions and returning feedback
    This screencast  demonstrates - How to extract and save the files from a zip folder of all submissions downloaded to your computer - How to organise and sort the files on your computer - How to save and rename files once you have added your feedback - How to compress and return all the files containing your feedback in one go.




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