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The Balena HPC cluster can only be accessed from within the campus network, it is not available from external connections.

Inside the campus

Unix/Mac users

Unix/Mac users can access Balena using their local terminal using SSH

ssh [user_name]

Windows users

Windows users will need to use a terminal emulator software like PuTTY or KiTTY to access Balena. 

Standard session to Balena

Session with X11 Forwarding (graphics)

User should start the Xming service on the Windows system before opening a session to view graphical output

Starting Xming

Outside the campus

To connect to Balena when outside the campus network you use either of the below options 

  • SSH to the linux.bath service 

  • Use VPN connection to the campus network, once connected you can then SSH directly to Balena, see instructions above.
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