Scenario 1 – Supporting group projects


Who are the learners?


First year (UG), campus based, Coach Education and Sports Development (60)

Studying a unit about Event Management.


How does the learning or support currently take place?


The students work in project groups to plan and run a fund raising event. They have a small budget to cover initial expenses. Each member of the project team takes on a different role e.g. secretary, marketing, finance etc. Students meet in their project groups each week to plan and distribute tasks among the team. The tutor monitors progress of the projects and gives feedback and support when required.


The assignment for the unit is an individual 3000 word essay (includes reflections on the project) and a group portfolio containing evidence from the life cycle of the project.


What works well?


This authentic task works to motivate the students and they are strongly engaged in the activity. Some groups raise large sums of money for charity.


What works less well?


The tutor is stretched to keep in touch with 6-8 fast developing projects and sometimes intervention with less effective groups is delayed. The students have difficulty co-ordinating tasks and documenting the project within the project teams. Students feel the assessment is not well aligned with the task. They would like makes for the success or otherwise of their event.


What improvements are desirable?


A mechanism making the progress of each project easily visible to the tutor would be very helpful. Tools for students to coordinate and manage their group project would also be useful.