Effective practice planner - designing a learning activity to incorporate e-learning


Issues to consider


Details of your planned learning activity

1. Learners (their needs, motives for learning, prior experience of learning, social and interpersonal skills, preferred learning styles and ICT competence.)


2. Intended learning outcomes ( acquisition of knowledge, academic and social skills, increased motivation and ability to progress.)


3. Learning environment (face-to-face or virtual) – available resources, tools, facilities and services and their match with the learners’ needs.


Where does the activity take place?



What resources are available?



What technologies are available?



What features of established practice will be important?



4. The learning activity (the means by which the practitioner brings about learning and seeks to influence the development of the learners.)

Describe the learning activity


5. The approach taken   (related to learners’ needs, preferred learning styles, the nature of the learning environment and the intended outcomes.)

Associative, constructive (individual focus), constructive (social focus), or situative



Learning styles