Why not set up your Moodle Gradebook so that it accurately reflects the assessment elements in your unit. This will enable the export of all the unit grades and course total into an easy-to-read Excel format at the end of the study period ready for input to SAMIS.

For example, there are five assessment elements in a unit, the grades of which need to be weighted as follows:

  • Three assignments which constitute 75% of the course total.  Each assignment to be equally weighted within the 75%.
  • Two quizzes which constitute 25% of the course total, equally weighted.

By default, all five items will appear in the Grader report in the same overall unit category and their grades will be aggregated by a Simple Weighted Mean of Grades.  This may not calculate the grades as expected.

To weight these assessments will require the creation of two separate categories weighted 75% and 25% and the relocation of the items into the relevant categories.

To see the current grades aggregation:

To create a new category:

To move items into a new category:

To weight categories:

To view and export the grades:

To check an individual student's grade report:

To export the unit grades, feedback and course totals:  see the FAQ 'Exporting assignment grades and feedback' (link)