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Copy for Tier 4 visa scheme

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Title: Tier 4 visa scheme

Copy: Benefit from a streamlined visa application process and get six months' leave after your course. We’re one of the original UK universities selected to take part.

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Course landing pages (above rankings)

(h4) Tier 4 visa scheme

Benefit from a streamlined visa application process and get six months’ extra time on your visa to look for work.

We’re one of the original UK universities selected to take part.

Find out more about the Tier 4 visa scheme.

Copy for webchats

Title: Live webchat 6 April


Our MSc team will be online from 11:00am (BST).

Join us to ask any questions about applying for or studying our MSc courses.

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Copy for virtual open days

Title: Virtual Open Day 7 November

Copy: Experience the University without coming to campus, and chat with members of staff and students.

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Copy for EU fees and Brexit

Copy: EU fees for 2020 <strong>will not</strong> change. From 2021 fees may change depending on the outcome of Brexit negotiations. <a href="" style="color:white; text-decoration:underline;">Read the University's advice for EU students</a>.

Copy for fees, funding and scholarships page

We remove details of School scholarships until they're confirmed for that year of entry. When it's time to reinstate, the details should be similar to:

H3: School of Management Scholarships

We have over 30 scholarships worth £5,000 each, open to UK, EU and Overseas applicants.

We will invite eligible candidates to apply.

To be considered for a scholarship, you must have:

Scholarship application deadlines

If we award you a scholarship, the money will be taken off your tuition fee.

Download the full terms and conditions (

H3: University of Bath taught postgraduate master's bursaries

The University has ten bursaries worth £6,000 available for 2020 entry. You must be a UK student and hold an undergraduate honours degree from the University of Bath to apply.

Find out more about the bursaries.

H2: University of Bath India Scholarship

We have one scholarship worth £5,000.

You can apply for this scholarship if you:

The deadline for applications is 1 June 2019

Find out more about the University of Bath India Scholarships.

h2: Scholarship terms and conditions

Download full terms and conditions for School of Management Taught Postgraduate Scholarships (need to make sure PDF is updated for correct year)

Adding more than one event to the homepage Featured Section

Occasionally, we might have two events that we want to feature on the homepage. It's not built for more than one, but it's possible to hack. The output looks a bit off:

But it's the best we can do. In the example above:

Title: MSc Open Day - 1 June


<p>Join us on campus to find out how our MSc courses could help you achieve your career goals.</p>
<a href="" class="button outline">Find out more and register</a>
<h3>Postgraduate virtual open day - 12 June</h3>
<p>Watch live webinars and chat with students and lecturers. Learn more about our courses and student life in Bath.</p>

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Find out more and register

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Flickr Galleries/Slideshows

To embed slideshow galleries from Flickr use this method:

Stock URL:

To embed a new gallery from Flickr, copy the long number (location in RED, number will vary) from the gallery URL you want to use into the 'LONG-NUMBER' gap above.


Using images on the side highlight boxes

Although they're designed to embed video content, we can add images to 'aside' highlight boxes (such as the 'Timeline Breakdown Aside' element on the content and structure page). This is useful for linking to student case studies on the University website. The output looks like this:

Upload your image to the media library first. Best width is 350px. From the image library you can get the URL for the image to use in the element.

Aside title: What appears above the image

Aside pull quote: Meant to be a pullquote from video, but you can format it to be a link. This is also where you can add code for the image. Example:



<img src="" alt="Natasha Yip outside of the Nationwide building" width="350" height="197" class="size-medium wp-image-1414" />

<a href="" style="color:white; text-decoration:underline;">Read a student's experience of doing the Practice Track</a>.

It's worth setting the width to 350px here, I think the div class shrinks it a little. The inline css (don't tell anyone) forces the text to look like a link.




 Real photos are critically important to gain sense of the place.

 Real people tell stories:

 long landscape, letter box

 photos of campus

 students engaging

 pics with space to left and right for text overlay

 Link to Uni guidelines

Don't forget to add ALT tags to all images!

Folder links and Fotoweb

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MSc Brochure 2016 - Graduate Profiles

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MSc Brochure 2016 - Graduate Profiles\Benjamin Dawes MSc Management

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MSc Brochure 2016 - Graduate Profiles\Bharat Bajaj MSc Management with Finance

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MSc Brochure 2016 - Graduate Profiles\Claudia Lorena Garcia MSc ITM

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\Practice Track 2016

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\Big Team Challenge 2016\Vidushi & Kathryn's phone photos

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MBA induction week 2016

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\Placement Students - Hello Fresh and Unilever - Sept 2016

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\MSc Conversation Club

 X:\Management\Groups\School_Admin\Alumni_and_External\Photographs\Photo Library\L'Oreal Google 2011 retouched\retouched

Image sizes (click to view full size)

Landing page

Banner image - 1,251px × 446px

Highlight images - 312px × 314px


Our city - 780px × 440px


Course landing pages

 Front page hero image 1200 x 430px



 so when uploading course landing hero pics the bottom bit will have a min nav overlapping like below

 guides are also used to create thirds that 


 you have to think about where the focus of the header image is

 e.g. if you upload this pic as a featured pic


 it will upload as this


 Wordpress crops the pic like this


 Ranking and accreditation logos

 264px × 115px

Video (see also individual page guides)

This is on the homepage of every course underneath the video section tab

Editor view


Either leave blank or include case study, this will be uppercase

Main Heading 

Alt 0174 open quote

“<i>I chose this course because I wanted to enhance my international experience and cross-cultural teamwork</i>”

Alt 0148 close quote


More info - Name of student or academic(include comma), <br /> area of study or expertise

40 words, 250 characters max

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