School of Management web request form

When requesting updates

  • Keep it simple - If it’s too big a task to write down in the form then arrange a meeting with us

  • Be specific about what you want us to do. There are over 1,000 pages on the website. Always include a URL so we know which page(s) you are referring to

  • Don't forward long threaded emails - we don't have time to read through/intepret them, so often the real task will be missed.

If it's really urgent phone us on ext 4776 (Alex) or 3674 (Joey) or 3396 (Rayner).

Urgency of requests

A rough guide to which priority to select:

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If you want to give feedback on the form/system email or leave comments below.

Faculty profile requests

We do NOT manage Research or Faculty web updates

Read more about how to set up a faculty profile or request an update

The web team will continue to update Research Centres and Divisions.