On-campus emergencies:

If you are on campus, or in a University-owned building, call University Security. They will make sure emergency services can get to you as quickly as possible. Phone:

  • 666 on a landline
  • 01225 383999 from a mobile

Security will talk to the emergency services and give them directions to your location.

Other emergencies:

If you are not on campus or in a University-owned building, and you need help because you or somebody else is at risk, call the emergency services.

  • 999 is a free phone number to call the police, an ambulance or the fire service.

For calls that are not an emergency, use 01225 385349.

First Aid Kit locations

8 West level 1 (small corridor leading to kitchen and resources room)

8 West level 3 (kitchen)

Wessex House level 8 (kitchen)

Wessex House level 9 (kitchen)

East Building level 2 (reception)

Edge (box office and 2nd floor offices)

Other resources

Counselling services for staff (Employee Assistance Programme, EAP)

Maintaining good mental health (SHEW)

Wellbeing Action Plans (SHEW)

Menopause advice (external web site)

Mind (mental health charity)

Mental Health at Work (a resource website curated by Mind and funded by The Royal Foundation as part of their Heads Together campaign)

Talking Toolkit - HSE Preventing Work-Related Stress

Staff Development Toolkit (includes training in wellbeing, self-awareness, resilience, etc.)

World Mental Health Day - Top Tips 

IAPT Services (for talking therapies in BaNES, Bristol, N. Somerset, S. Glos., Swindon & Wiltshire) 

Mental Health First Aid courses

Accidents, Incidents & Emergencies - Reporting

It is important that all incidents are reported regardless of whether an injury has been caused or not.

This data helps inform what type of additional controls are required to prevent a re-occurrence.

There is also a legal obligation to report specific incidents to the Health & Safety Executive.   

Incidents can be reported electronically using Chrome, Firefox or Edge browser. 

For those that do not have access to a computer, the paper form can be used.

Incidents for this purpose include:

  • Road traffic accidents (on campus or when using University vehicles)

  • Work-related accidents (mishaps)

  • Slips, trips, and falls

  • Fire (including all alarm activations)

  • Acts of violence (assault)

  • Near misses

First Aiders

Gemma Ker-Bridges - 8 West 1.11 (MSc office)

Extn 3165

Catherine Harrison-Smith - 8 West 1.26 (Assessments office)

Extn 5882

Alice Perryman - East Building 2.01 (Reception)

Extn 5537

Wessex House - we do not have a trained First Aider in the building so please call Security on 666 (from landline) or 01225 383999 (from a mobile) and they will respond immediately.