The Assignment Activity lets students submit work and allows teachers to give grades and feedback in Moodle.  This documentation will guide you through the process of giving feedback and marks for assignments submitted online via Moodle. 

An online resource outlining the basic features of Online Submission and Feedback in Moodle is also available and whilst this has not been produced with anonymous marking in mind, those staff who are new to online assessment in Moodle may find it helpful to review this material before embarking on use of the Assignment activity. Should you wish for additional support on the use of Moodle to support your assessment processes, please contact the Technology Enhanced Learning team.

For Advanced users, Moodle Docs contains a comprehensive set of instructions for the Assignment activity.

Turnitin is a web based plagiarism detection service. The service allows for the submission of assignments to the Turnitin website, which checks for matching text against a database of previously submitted work and other online sources.

A range of guidance around this area is available within the Anonymous/Blind Marking section of the Moodle Support Hub.

Giving Feedback

Marking with Rubrics

Grading rubrics can be set up in Moodle to facilitate criterion based assessment. The grading rubric is extremely easy to set up and can be helpful in improving consistency of marking (particularly where there are multiple markers), and in enhancing the feedback given to the student.

Moodle Gradebook