Requesting a domain name

Receipt of initial request

When the request comes in to support, the requestor needs to complete the request form bearing in mind the guidelines below.

Dear (NAME),

As you may be aware we have a policy for the use and purchase of external domains. This is available on our website:

There are many advantages to hosting your site with the University. Find out more at

If your request falls within these guidelines then please complete the form at and return it to so that your request can be considered by the Digital Steering Group (DSG).



Digital Marketing and Communications


Form is received

We need the additional information from the requestor in order to set it up. We also need to inform them of the charges relating to the domain.

Information required for the Servers and Storage team

We need the following information so that we can provide this to the Servers and Storage team when we pass the request on to them:

Information required for the Digital Team

Further information received

When they have completed the form and provided the additional information, forward this on to the Head of Digital for consideration by the Digital Steering Group.

Domain is authorised

Buy domain on 1and1 account

Send request to Servers and Storage Team

Reply received from Servers and Storage Team

Invoice received from 1and1