Session: 30th April, 2010

SDF Spring Conference ( )

Facilitators: Andy Ramsden

Presentational Slides: slideshare .......


The aim of the session is to raise awareness of how mobile devices can offer an extra dimension to the staff developer in terms of delivering and managing courses and people. The intention is to cover a number of common activities we undertake and model how the use of mobile technologies may make them more efficient and effective through transforming the learning spaces we use.

The session will involve working through a number of staff development scenarios identified by the audience. It will also rely on the use of technologies which most people have in their pockets, so not requiring the staff development team to invest in providing new technologies.


The primary question is, how might we (staff developers) use mobile technologies within our staff development sessions?

To answer this question, I'll focus on two scenarios;

  1. Using mobile technologies in low (no) technology teaching spaces (existing technologies / existing users)
  2. Using mobile technologies to create a new learning opportunity through making the leaner mobile (new technologies / new users)

The key message I'd like you to take from this session is ...


Activity 1: Across to you

Activity 2: Where are with the technologies?

Activity 3:Vote (SMS)

_Activity 4: Design a ¿generic¿ staff development activity_

Activity 5: QR Code based learning activity

Activity 6: Designing in mobile technologies.

Activity 7: SMS based evaluation

Session Outputs

To be created during and post the session.

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