13th Wessex Theory Seminar

The thirteenth meeting of the Wessex Theory Seminar took place on Thursday 6th October 2011 at Imperial College London.

Venue: Room 217/218 (Ground Floor, Queen's Gate Entrance), Department of Computing, Imperial College London.


12:00 Lunch (Coco Momo / Senior Common Room)
13:00 Alexander Kurz: Regular languages with binders
14:00 Coffee
14:30 Dirk Pattinson: Towards Coinductive Fixpoint Logics
15.15 James Brotherston: Craig interpolation in displayable logics (paper)
16:00 Coffee Break
16.30 Dexter Kozen: Kleene Algebra with Tests and the Static Analysis of Programs (slides)
17:30 – Pub/Dinner


From Aarhus:
Erik Ernst

From Bath:
Guy McCusker
John Power
Cai Wingfield

From Birkbeck:
Szabolcs Mikulas

From Bratislava:
Kamil Kubon

From Cornell:
Dexter Kozen

From Imperial:
Faris Abou-Sahel
James Brotherston
Abbas Edalat
Ian Hodkinson
Bjoern Lellman
Rob Myers
Dirk Pattinson
Marek Sergot
Herbert Wicklicky
Florian Widman

From King's:
Christian Urban

From Leicester:
Alex Kurz

From Southampton:
Corina Cirstea
Ross Horne
Toby Wilkinson

From Queen Mary:
Edmund Robinson

From UCL:
Robin Hirsch

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