The Audio Visual department manages the Re:View lecture capture platform. Content that has been recorded using this can be viewed at the website

Re:View allows recordings to be made in three ways:

  1. Equipment has been installed in selected lecture theatres to allow recordings to be made automatically. The user books a recording to be scheduled with the AV Bookings desk and the recording of the lecture happens automatically and unobtrusively to the presenter.
  2. Using the Panopto Recorder, you can record your presentation using off the shelf microphones, cameras or webcams connected to the PC.
  3. Downloading the Panopto iOS App from the App Store, enabling you to record and view captures using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

The recordings can be viewed in a number of ways, via the website, via an audio or video podcast, or downloaded and put on a data CD or DVD to be viewed offline.

  • Introducing Panopto is a four page guide which outlines the process that colleagues should follow when thinking about capturing lecture content.

Panopto Tutorials

It is vital that you ensure you have permission to capture any lecture that you wish to have recorded. This is important as any recording of lecture content is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights.

You need to ensure that you have permission of the participants of the lecture and that any content you include in the recording is cleared for copyright.

In teaching rooms

On your desktop PC

On your Apple iOS device (includes the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad)

Getting Started

Editing Recordings

Further Tutorials are available on the Panopto Support website, including:

A number of additional FAQs and support materials are also available from A.V

Further details can also be found on the Audio Visual website.