Enabling Turnitin submission on an Assignment activity

Assignments submitted to Moodle can, in turn, be submitted to Turnitin. It is important to note however, that this functionality must be enabled at the time of setting up the relevant Assignment activity. 

New and current users of the Moodle/Turnitin integration should also refer to the following forum post: Turnitin errors within the Assignment activity.

If Turnitin functionality is (only) enabled after the first assignment submission has been made, not all submissions will be sent to Turnitin. Similarly, if Turnitin settings are amended following the first submission, some assignments may return an error (e.g. 127, 204, 206). It is important therefore not to amend such settings if at all possible.

Prior to embarking on the steps below, you may wish to consider the information listed at: Creating an Assignment activity.

Please note that the Available from and Due Dates fields must not be disabled and must be set. If these fields are disabled, the Turnitin integration may not function correctly.