The Timetable App was announced on 7th March 2013. The architecture of the app is such that the timetable data is stored locally on the mobile device, meaning that the app will 'work on the bus'. In other words, it is fully functional without a data connection - the app runs locally on the phone or tablet.

The app is configured by the student which involves choosing the Year, Course, Workshop Group and any Optional Modules.  A personalised timetable is subsequently displayed.


The Timetable app is a pilot aimed at Pharmacy and Pharmacology undergraduates for the second Semester (March - May 2013). Although it has been developed for both iOS and Android devices, due to time constraints it was only possible to make the app available on Google Play for Android devices. 

Video of Timetable App on a Phone

Video of Timetable App on a Tablet


Updating Timetable Data


The timetable data is contained in a local database on the device. This means that the timetable will be fully functional at all times, and there is no reliance on a data-connection or wi-fi for normal use. However, when a timetable change occurs, it is possible to update the timetable data from the central server by choosing the 'Update Timetable Data...' option:

The update typically takes several seconds and the revised data is subsequently displayed:

Student Evaluation

A survey was conducted in April 2013. 67 students completed the survey:


In addition, two one-to-one interviews were conducted.